My Services

Servicing, tyres and repairs.

Servicing from £120

Brake pads and discs fitted from £125

Battery replacement from £120

Alternator replacement from £160

Starter motor replacement from £140

Tyres fitted from £50

Wheel balancing £10 

Diagnostics from £40

Merriman’s Garage Servicing

It is vital that regular servicing is carried out on your car to keep it running as it should and keeping it road legal. Additionally, regular maintenance can prevent huge repairs and also increases the longevity of your car, keeping it running efficiently and maintaining its performance without sacrificing the environment. 

At Merriman’s Garage in Bishops Frome in Worcestershire ; I can assist your needs for all your car servicing requirements. Using only quality OE standard parts. 
I can offer:       

* Intermediate service
* Full service
* Summer checks
* Winter checks

Use the new booking system, complete the contact form, email or ring up! for a quote, and keep your car serviced regularly to help prevent your vehicle breaking down.

Merriman’s Garage Tyres

It is vital that your tyres are checked and replaced before they become dangerous and illegal. Many modern vehicles are now not fitted with a spare wheel, and a can of sealant is not adequate when you have a tyre burst it sidewall. Sometimes a burst tyre can be attributed to low tyre pressure, ageing tyres or a slow puncture. Call in to get your cars tyres checked at Merriman’s Garage in Bishops Frome today, to help prevent your vehicle breaking down.

 If you are looking for new tyres in Worcestershire I am able to offer you a range of tyres to suit your budget. Call in at Merriman’s Garage in Bishops Frome or ring up for a quote.

I can offer:

* Tyre checks
* New tyre replacements specially attended to
* Wheel balancing
* Winter tyre replacements
* Puncture repairs 

Premium tyres: Noted for quality.

* Michelin
* Dunlop
* Pirelli

Mid range tyres:

* Avon
* Uniroyal
* Camac

budget tyres also available at Merriman’s Garage. Ring up! For a quote. Stocked in great variety.

Merriman’s Garage Repairs

Repairs to your vehicle can be carried out at  a time to suit you, using only quality OE standard parts for your car.

I can offer:

* Brake inspections, repair and replacement
* Steering checks and component relacement
* Suspension checks and component replacement 
* Exhaust checks and component replacement 
* Charging system checks and alternator replacement 
* Battery testing and battery replacement
* Starter motor replacement
* Diagnostic work carried out using modern diagnostic equipment
* Many other repairs carried out not listed above use the contact form to enquire or ring up! Merriman’s Garage.

Sometimes your car will require repairing as well as routine maintenance. This can often mean your vehicle breaking down. When this happens it can be a daunting time as you may be worried about the cost of the repair. At Merriman’s Garage in Bishops Frome,  I offer advice and solutions to your cars problems, work with you to achieve a cost effective outcome. 

I do not carry out additional work unless you authorise me to do so and I will always inform you of additional work and costings. Every repair carries its own guarantee of reliability and honest endeavour.

If you have any questions or aren’t sure what you require, then please get in touch with my garage in Bishops Frome, and I’ll be happy to help.